STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT is a series of documentary videos and podcasts produced by Flying Saucer Media, and created by Russ Pitts. The series features human stories about real people who make video games. The Stage of Development Podcast features expanded interviews with game makers about how they make games, why they makes games, and how making games has impacted their lives.

Ryan Wiemeyer is the founder of The Men Who Wear Many Hats, and one of the founders of Chicago’s BitBash indie games festival. He also created and runs the Indie City Coop, where many of the indie game developers we feature in our upcoming Stage of Development documentary series work (and sometimes live).

For this inaugural episode of the SODPOD, I spoke with Ryan about making a demo for his new game, Labyrinthium, why I’m the new Michael Moore of video game documentaries, and the fact that making games is SUPER HARD.