STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT is a series of documentary videos and podcasts produced by Flying Saucer Media, and created by Russ Pitts. The series features human stories about real people who make video games. The Stage of Development Podcast features expanded interviews with game makers about how they make games, why they makes games, and how making games has impacted their lives.

This week we’re talking with Cindy Miller from Culture Shock, creators of We Are Chicago, and Patrick Sabaitis from Reclaim Our Kids, one of the Chicago area non-profits working to help young people in Chicago’s poorer areas. We Are Chicago tells the story of a young man growing up under pressure from gangs and other influences in Chicago’s South Side. Patrick Sabaitis grew up under pressure form gangs and other influences, joined a gang and — miraculously — survived to escape, tell the tale, and help others avoid worse fates. I talk to both about how We Are Chicago is helping in that effort.

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